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Acoustic Absorption Wall Panels for Time-Efficient Application

Acoustic Absorption Wall Panels: A Time-Efficient and Decorative Solution


Fitting a roll formed steel exposed grid system on a ceiling and inserting acoustic ceiling tiles inside allows installation to occur extremely quickly. If the space isn't too large, installation can be completed within a day. Also, it offers a splendid result with excellent high acoustic performance.


Acoustic Absorption Wall Panels with the same characteristics as the ceiling tiles


For walls, we have developed acoustic absorption wall panels:

  • They share most of the ceiling tile properties, including humidity and temperature resistance.
  • They absorb up to 90% of sound and are very effective in controlling echo and noise levels.
  • While the ceiling tiles measure 600x600mm, the panels are much larger at 1200mmx1200mm. Once your steel battens are in place, covering them with the panels will go swiftly.
  • They have their own designs, giving you increased possibilities to make unique combinations.


Visit our New York collection overview to learn more and to discover why interior designers and architects are enthusiastic about this product.


The 600x600 screw up ceiling tiles may also be used for wall Installations.


At Australian Plaster Acoustics, we are proud of the know-how we've accumulated throughout the years. It allows us to manufacture and continuously improve our high-quality products.

Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or masterplanning stage. The sooner an acoustic engineer is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.

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