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Craftstone Collection

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Craftstone Collection - Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Craftstone Acoustic Ceiling Tile Collection

Specially designed for an exposed, suspended grid ceiling system, these tiles offer high acoustic performance depending on your choice of insulation.

The Coffered Range is supplied, standard, without insulation to allow you with greater flexibility. A choice of acoustic insulation can be manufactured with this range upon request. The Craftstone Collection are truly beautiful, decorative ceiling tiles. They are aesthetic, artistic and functional.

General Properties

Each tile is made of reinforced plaster. This means they will not deteriorate. These tiles are pre–painted white. They are resistant to humidity, will not grow mould or bacteria. They will not sag. The tiles are supplied without insulation and are produced in a range of 6 distinct designs. These tiles measure 600 x 600mm

Tile Thickness Centre: 25 mm
Size 600mm x 600mm
Open Area 44.2 %
Mass 14.10 kg/m2
Weight per tile 5.08 kg
Light Reflective 0.70 %
20 mm Insulation
αw = 0.9
SAA = 0.9
NRC = 0.9

Tile Thickness Centre: 16 mm
Size 600mm x 600mm
Open Area 31.2 %
Mass 11.50 kg/m2
Weight per tile 3.94 kg
Light Reflective 0.74 %
20 mm Insulation
αw = 0.90
SAA = 0.90
NRC = 0.90

All our products are made in Australia in our factory at Mortdale, NSW.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our quality is guaranteed.

Be assured that you are supporting a local business if you choose our products