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Sound Dampening in a Room

Once upon a time - not so very long ago - absolute quiet was a concept everyone understood and could even experience daily. Nowadays, noise has become part of our life. We would like to block it, but traffic outside, cars honking, people talking, loud music playing, machines causing vibrations have become an inescapable nuisance.

Even inside the sanctity of your own home, you cannot escape sounds and noise.

A Little Experiment

Don't take our word for it, but even inside your house, you're always confronted with noise. Take a seat, relax for a moment, and listen. Don't count the sounds which come from outside your house, but concentrate on what else you hear.

  • First, you may become aware of your computer's fan running rather loudly.
  • Air bubbles may be trapped in your central heating system, causing a clicking noise.
  • A dripping tap which you haven't yet mended may be another annoying sound.
  • Is your dishwasher, washing machine or tumble drier running?

Combine all these noises, and you may realise that sound dampening individual rooms of your house may not be such a bad idea.

Effective Sound Dampening

Luckily, effective sound dampening isn't difficult.

  • Covering your floor with a carpet, your walls with wallpaper and your windows with curtains seems self-evident, but not only do these make your house look cosy, but they also attribute to minor sound dampening.
  • If our little experiment made you realise that your home is often filled with a lot of noise, consider placing a suspended ceiling underneath your present one. Perforated plaster panels will work wonders, thanks to their sound dampening characteristics.

While outside, you may constantly be threatened by ever-increasing noise pollution, at least when you're cosily at home, you can enjoy the blessed silence.

Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or masterplanning stage. The sooner an acoustic expert is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.

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