Lightweight Acoustic light,Tile Range

EcoCheck plaster acoustic ceiling light,tiles are manufactured from reinforced casting plaster and offer excellent sound absorption, controlled sound transmission and decorative finishes.

The tiles are supplied with an integrated sound absorbent batt inserted during casting and are produced in a range of varying designs. These tiles are pre–painted white.

EcoCheck light,Tile Features

Perforated, 6.5mm dia holes in a diamond pattern.

EcoCheck light,Tile Advantages
  1. Dimensionally stable, will not warp or buckle
  2. Not affected by humidity
  3. Fire resistant
  4. Acoustic properties
  5. Redecoration does not affect the properties
  6. Easy removal and replacement

EcoCheck Properties

Tile Thickness 30 mm
Size 600mm x 600mm
Open Area 21.3 %
Mass 12.20 kg/m2
Weight per tile 4.45 kg
R Value 0.80
Light Reflective 0.80 %

Acoustic ceiling tiles are supplied underside of tile sealed off with a plaster skim coat as standard. Please contact us for unsealed options.


Sound Absorption Test Results

AS ISO 354–2006 “Acoustics–Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room”
AS ISO 11654–2002 (ISO 11654:1997) “Acoustics–Rating of sound absorption–Materials and systems”

EcoCheck Results
αw = 0.70
SAA = 0.78
NRC = 0.80
CAC1 = 35
CAC2 = 38

Acoustic Test Results

Insulation Thickness 20 mm
αw 0.70
SAA 0.78
NRC 0.80
CAC1 35
CAC2 38

CAC1 Tile only
CAC2 Added R3.5 insulation batts, 1800 each side of partition to consistently increase acoustic performance by 4dB

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