Craftstone Acoustic craftstone,Tile Range

Moon plaster acoustic ceiling craftstone,tiles are manufactured from reinforced casting plaster and offer excellent sound absorption, controlled sound transmission and decorative finishes.

Craftstone Features

55mm circular perforations, arranged in a 7 x 7 grid giving a moon look.


Each tile is made of reinforced plaster. This means they will not deteriorate. These tiles are pre– painted white. They are resistant to humidity, will not grow mould or bacteria. They will not sag.

Easily Installed

They simply drop into exposed grid systems. Acoustic fabric backing is attached to the back of the tiles for testing only, fabric not included.

Noise Reduction

The ceiling tiles are 600 x 600 mm, 15 - 25mm thick and with added acoustic fabric backing, gives NRC insulation rating from 0.75 - 0.85 creating a quiet and pleasant environment.

Moon Properties

Tile Thickness 16 mm
Size 600mm x 600mm
Open Area 31.2 %
Mass 11.50 kg/m2
Weight per tile 3.94 kg
Light Reflective 0.74 %

Acoustic ceiling tiles are supplied underside of tile sealed off with a plaster skim coat as standard. Please contact us for unsealed options.


Sound Absorption Test Results

AS ISO 354–2006 “Acoustics–Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room”
AS ISO 11654–2002 (ISO 11654:1997) “Acoustics–Rating of sound absorption–Materials and systems”

Moon Results
αw = 0.90
SAA = 0.90
NRC = 0.90

Acoustic Test Results

Insulation Thickness 20 mm
αw 0.90
SAA 0.90
NRC 0.90

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Tile Installation Guide

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