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NU TR2000


NU TR2000 Acoustic Tile

Nu TR2000 sound absorbtion


Diagonal bands across tile with perforations and slots between each band.


1. Durable
2. Easily installed
3. Noise reduction properties
4. Acoustic properties

To be used in conjuction with exposed ceiling grid: 24 mm T Bar steel or aluminum 600 x 600 system.

Insulated with black acoustic fabric attached to back of tile for testing only. Fabric not included.

new tr2000 slot absorbtion

Graph 1: Sound Absorption Coefficients of Bailey Interiors Nu TR2000 Perforated 600mm x 600mm Plaster Ceiling Tiles with Sorbertextile P44FR acoustic fabric adhered to the underside of the tile and tested with a 400mm air gap.

Product Specifications


Tile Name: NU TR2000

Collection: Craftstone

Thickness (mm): 18

Size(mm): 600 x 600

NRC: 0.65¹

% light reflective: 0.77

Mass (Kg/sqm): 14.04

Edge Finish: Bevelled

¹Black Acoustic Fabric

All tiles and panels are supplied without acoustic backing fabric as standard.

Acoustic tests shown here are examples of what can be achieved for NRC using acoustic backing fabric.

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