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Sound-Proof Insulation Tests under different conditions


Living or working in a noisy environment is not only unpleasant but can have detrimental effects on your health. Ensuring that your home or workplace has sound-proof insulation is therefore of the highest importance. read more

Acoustic Absorption Wall Panels: A Time-Efficient and Decorative Solution


Fitting a roll formed steel exposed grid system on a ceiling and inserting acoustic ceiling tiles inside allows installation to occur extremely quickly. If the space isn't too large, installation can be completed within a day. Also, it offers a splendid result with excellent high acoustic performance. read more



Recording Studio Acoustic Panels for First-Rate Results


Building a recording studio is not an everyday discipline. A constructor who is still inexperienced in this field can quickly become overwhelmed by a recording studio's requirements. The construction is in principle no different from any other space, but acoustic science is a discipline you don't learn overnight. read more



Noise Insulation for an Optimal Working or Living Environment


The noise insulation requirements of a place vary depending on its destination. In some cases, the acoustic challenge may be tremendous, while other times, the solution to a noise problem can be quite simple. read more

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