BHP Headquarters Office, Melbourne

Product Description

Office areas of the BHP building was installed with Ecocheck lightweight acoustic tiles. This tile is insulated with a 20mm thick sound absorbent batt, offering excellent noise reduction properties.


1. Dimensionally stable will not warp or buckle
2. Not affected by humidity
3. Fire resistant
4. Acoustic properties
5. Redecoration does not affect the properties
6. Easy removal and replacement

To be used in conjuction with exposed ceiling grid: 24 mm T Bar steel or aluminum 600 x 600 system.

Product Specifications

Tile Name: Eco Check

Collection: Lightweight Plaster Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Thickness (mm): 30

Size(mm): 600 x 600

CAC: 38/42¹ 39/43²

R Value: 0.80

NRC: 0.70¹ 0.80¹ 0.65²

% light reflective: 0.80

Mass (Kg/sqm):12.50

Edge Finish: V-edged

Fixing: Concealed Grid

Fiberglass insulation batt – 32Kg/cu.m, 20mm thick Glasswool/Polyester
¹Glasswool ²Polyester – further test pending

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