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Acoustics Ceiling Panel for commercial applications

Acoustic Ceilings for Commercial Space

Acoustic Ceilings for Commercial Space

Quiet Sound acoustics is the new generation of plaster acoustic tiles specifically designed for commercial space such as offices, shopping centres, theatres and more

Since July 2016, Quiet Sound acoustics has been successfully implemented in many commercial spaces throughout Australia.

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Ecocheck Lightweight plaster acoustic tile installation.
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Stanford Hotel, Sydney

Cell Air New York Collection.
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Star City Casino, Sydney

Casino Craftstone Collection.
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Kingsgrove RSL, Sydney

Random Hole Plaster acoustic tile installation.
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LDS Church Lami, Fiji Sydney

Random Hole (Screw up) Plaster acoustic tile installation.
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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for Noise Control in a Commercial Environment

Finding Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for Commercial Spaces

For a residence, choosing and constructing a suspended ceiling or a metallic grid with commercial acoustic ceiling tiles is relatively easy.

Commercial Spaces May Present a Challenge

A large conference room may have double the dimensions of an apartment's living room, but constructing a wall or ceiling is not as simple as multiplying all dimensions by two.

The following are only some of the higher requirements to meet:

  • While the Quiet Sound plaster tiles and panels are much lighter in weight compared to old, original designs tiles, to span broader areas, additional supports may be required.
  • Our materials withstand high humidity and temperature.
  • Self-evidently, if two conference rooms are located next to each other, the conversations from one room must be inaudible next door.

Quiet Sound, A Quiet Sound Solution for Commercial Spaces

The importance of good acoustics in a commercial environment is vital, especially when open plan spaces are common place. Unfortunately open plan, modern minimalist environments present acoustic problems with hard surfaced rooms having longer reverberation time than rooms finished with sound absorbing materials.

The requirements for a commercial environment can sometimes be challenging. At Australian Plaster Acoustics, we are particularly proud of our product line Quiet Sound.

Our collection of perforated panels and commercial acoustic ceiling tiles offers among others:

  • Product Group Classification 1 when tested for heat and smoke release performance
  • High humidity performance,
  • Excellent acoustic performance,
  • Competitive prices,
  • Highly decorative,
  • Light reflective,
  • Easy to install.

Quiet Sound Commercial Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and New York panels prevent dust from entering the room. This makes them favourite options for hospitals, pharmacies, and other manufacturers who maintain strict hygiene regulations.

Noise control in a commercial environment is the key to success to any business or organisation. Acoustic design should be a goal for any commercial space.

All our products are made in Australia in our factory at Mortdale, NSW.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our quality is guaranteed.

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