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Hanging Acoustic Panels

A Concealed Grid for Aesthetic Purposes


A ceiling with a visible grid and perforated tiles is ideal if there is sufficient ceiling height and access is required for services or utilities. While the aesthetic qualities of such a ceiling are self-evident for some spaces, for others they are out of the question. If you aim for an elegant and minimalist appearance, consider hanging acoustic panels on a concealed grid.


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Ceil Sound, Justice and Cell Air - Offering Unique Designs


Our Ceil Sound, Justice and Cell Air hanging acoustic panels boast the same characteristics as our acoustic ceiling tiles and our acoustic absorption wall panels. They offer a few extras too:

  • They are easy to fix onto the Rondo system for suspended ceilings.
  • Jointing is as simple as any standard plaster panel on its appropriate supporting structure.
  • Order our hanging acoustic panels combined with black acoustic fabric to hide the Rondo profiles and any cables or ducts from view. The fabric also offers sound absorption improvement.
  • The panel designs are unique and distinct. High definition as a result of using silicon rubber moulds ensures quality.


Australian Plaster Acoustics' excellent service applies to our hanging acoustic panels as well


For advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We are proud to assist our customers with our experience and extensive knowledge. Consider that:

  • Our solid base of clients includes architects, interior designers and building contractors of residences and commercial buildings.
  • You are always welcome to visit our extensive showroom. While a picture says more than a thousand words, seeing our perforated ceilings will take your breath away. Also, experience for yourself the acoustic properties of our products.


Hanging Acoustic Panels for a Continuous and Seamless Pattern

For the interior finishing of your construction projects, rely on Australian Plaster Acoustics as a global leader in acoustic tiles and panels.

Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or master planning stage. The sooner an acoustic engineer is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.


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