We are OPEN for TELEPHONE or ONLINE ORDERS ONLY! - The Showroom is open by appointement to trade only
We are OPEN for TELEPHONE or ONLINE ORDERS ONLY! - The Showroom is open by appointement to trade only
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Our Company

Australian Plaster Acoustics is a global leader in acoustic tiles and panels. We manufacture and supply high performance acoustic tiles that absorb and block unwanted sound. Australian owned and operated, our products are of the highest quality, made locally from natural gypsum.

Our Products

Achieving exceptionally high CAC-Ceiling Attenuation Class and NRC - Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings, our acoustic ceiling tiles and panels have successfully been installed in many educational institutions and hospitality industry facilities such as clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Cost Effective

Cost effective ceiling and wall solutions

High Quality

With over 70 years experience, we deliver unrivalled quality and a proven track record.

No Distortion

Our tiles do not sag in humid conditions. They can withstand high humidity and temperatures


Our tiles are painted with anti mould paint at the time of manufacture which stops growth of mould.

High Acoustic Performance

All products have been tested with NRC ranges between 0.55 to 0.85.

Simple Installation

Choose between an exposed grid ceiling system or a fully concealed, direct fixing system.

Get to know our company

We manufacture innovative acoustic tiles with unrivalled performance

It showcases Australia’s Plaster Acoustic tile manufacturing facility at Bailey Interiors and features the latest, innovative plaster tile manufacturing process.

Acoustics Ceiling Video
Acoustics Ceiling Panel for Stanford hotel

What our clients say about our work

Benefits of Installing Plaster Acoustic Tiles

Why install plaster acoustic tiles?

Reduces Echo

Large rooms or those with high ceilings are particularly prone to echoing. Control these distracting sounds and create a more peaceful environment by installing sound absorbing acoustic tiles. These are very effective at reducing sound from reflecting back and forth .

Noise Reverberation

Reverberation refers to the phenomenon of sound continuing to be present in a room because of sound reflecting off of surfaces. Plaster acoustic ceiling tiles provide large and effective surface area to absorb sound.

Dust prevention

In food preparation and other areas such as clinical areas or storage areas, where dust fallout can present a problem, a finished plaster acoustic tile ceiling that covers all conduits, piping, ductwork and open construction systems will minimise the risk.

Fire rated

Our plaster acoustic tiles are have obtained Group 1 fire rating certification. Group 1 materials are suitable for the most stringent of fire hazard requirements in building applications.

High Light reflective

The more light that a surface reflects, the less need to for use of artificial lighting to compensate. The more plaster acoustic tile surface that occupies a room, the more natural light is reflected, saving energy in the long term.

Thermal Resistance

With a thermal resistance "R" value of 0.8, our acoustic tiles are able to resist heat flow. It means rooms stay warmer for longer, saving energy and ultimately heating costs

Acoustics Ceiling Panel for restaurant

Plaster Acoustic Tile Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications of Plaster Acoustics Tiles

An outline of applications for plaster acoustic tiles in various industries .

  • Education

    • Poor acoustics can have a detrimental effect upon students academic performance and teachers vocal health. This makes acoustics fundamentally important to learning environments.

    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Child Care facilites
    • Training facilities

  • Hospitality

    • In the hospitality industry, excessive noise levels can harm your bottom line. High noise level affects service as wait staff struggle to hear orders, patrons struggle to enjoy conversations.

    • Restaurants
    • Cafeterias
    • Kitchens
    • Clubs/Pubs
    • Hotels

  • Government

    • Public spaces are meant to improve the ammenity of the area for the community, however with poor acoustic design, quality of life, health, comfort and productivity are reduced.

    • Art Galleries
    • Librarys
    • Swimming pools
    • Hospitals
    • Court Rooms

  • Commercial

    • The importance of good acoustics in an office environment is vital, especially when open plan spaces are common place. Workers productivity, stress and satisfaction can be affected.

    • Offices
    • Churches / Places of worship
    • Functions Centres
    • Shopping Centres
    • Theatres/Cinemas