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About Acoustic Insulation

The Difference between Acoustic Absorption and Acoustic Insulation

The terms "acoustic absorption" and "acoustic insulation" are often confusing.

Acoustic insulation will prevent noise from moving from one place to another. It occurs, for example, between two adjoining apartments in the same building. Noise from the traffic in a street entering a room can also be dampened by adequate acoustic insulation. Acoustic insulation essentially blocks sound.

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Materials which improve acoustic insulation to minimise sound transfer

Heavy materials such as concrete and masonry are highly effective for acoustic insulation. They block sound by deflection. Doubling their surface mass will improve the acoustic insulation by as much as 6dB.

Unfortunately this causes problems within the room with noise reverberation or excessive echoing.

Materials which improve acoustic absorption

Sound Absorbent products will reduce the ability of sound to transmit through a surface by absorbing it and converting the sound energy to heat. Acoustic absorption occurs when sound encounters a material which transfers any air particles into heat. This causes the sound to disappear partially or even entirely. Sound absorbing materials generally have a low weight and open construction.

Sound absorption can be achieved:

  • By reducing the noise inside a room. Curtains, wallpaper, and carpets will mitigate any reverberations and hollow echoes. Placing a suspended ceiling with perforated tiles under an existing one will result in a considerable noise reduction,
  • By improving the acoustic insulation of a double partition wall by inserting mineral wool,
  • By placing chairs or sofas with a fabric cover instead of leather.


Allow Australian Plaster Acoustics to advise you about sound, sound absorption, and acoustic insulation. Our products are designed to offer optimal acoustic insulation and absorption. We have the necessary know-how and experience to turn even the loudest room into an island of tranquillity.

Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or masterplanning stage. The sooner an acoustic expert is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.

Australian Plaster Acoustics for Powerful Sound Insulation Solutions in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney

Does the noise of the traffic in the street outside or from a nearby railway or airport make you grind your teeth with frustration day after day? Or did your not-so-talented child just buy a recorder, and is he playing the instrument in his room every day repeating to himself that practice makes perfect? The neighbour's children may be there as well, self-taught young entertainers who aspire to soon appear in All Together Now.

There are many reasons to install sound insulation. Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney residents can learn all about them at Australian Plaster Acoustics. More importantly, we also teach them what to do against the problem. Our experience in this field is beyond question, even though we are still a relatively young company. We are proud to be the global leader in acoustic tiles and panels.

Before you have sound insulation placed in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne

Call us or send an e-mail. You are welcome to ask for advice and prices, but before you do, consider what causes the noise that is annoying you so. Two sources are possible.

Noise coming from the outside

Noise caused by traffic, a jet plane flying overhead or a train passing by are sounds coming from the outside. To expel these, one simple rule applies: the thicker the walls, the more soundproof the room.

Brick, for example, is thick and dense; it works wonders if you want to block sound. But whether you live in a humble shack or a prestigious palace, living space is always precious. You'd lose a lot of it if you were to install that kind of sound insulation in your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane home. Plasterboard wall panels are a much lighter and thinner solution. Combined with mineral wool, the results become even better, but thermal insulation is increased as well.

Noise coming from the inside

Footsteps sounding from someone walking on a higher floor and voices coming from another room in your house are examples of noise coming from the inside. To protect yourself against it, insulating the floor or ceiling is best. The favourite material is eggcrate acoustic foam which is usually made from polyurethane. You may have seen this material in a music studio. But placing this kind of sound insulation in your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne residence, would be relatively expensive, and wouldn't look very attractive either. You'd still need something to cover the foam. A ceiling with plasterboard panels is another solution, affordable and doesn't take much room.

More than just sound insulation

Not only are plasterboard panels or tiles an excellent solution against sounds coming from the outside or inside, but they are also easy to install. Finishing can also be done swiftly. The different patterns invite to being creative as they can lend a unique touch to your interior–perfect if you want to make a statement. We invite you to browse our Australian Plaster Acoustics site to discover our products and their characteristics. Once you've found the system that suits your needs best, we're there for you.

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