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Noise insulation Sydney

Noise Insulation for an Optimal Working or Living Environment


The noise insulation requirements of a place vary depending on its destination. In some cases, the acoustic challenge may be tremendous, while other times, the solution to a noise problem can be quite simple.


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Noise Insulation Tailored to Your Acoustic Needs


Peace, quiet and comfort are always self-evident, but how to achieve them under different circumstances? Let us illustrate this by giving a few examples:

  • A modern library has become more than just a place to lend books. It may offer room for exhibitions, classes, workshops, and reading sessions for children or the visually impaired. To ensure that such activities can take place while keeping the atmosphere comfortable and quiet for visitors or students who need to concentrate, adequate sound insulation is a priority.
  • In a hospital or a care centre, many sources of unwanted noise exist, such as medical equipment, air-conditioning, television, telephones, crockery, and cutlery when a nurse brings food, visitors, and the staff working and communicating there.
  • Noise is inevitable in a sports complex. You run, jump, or shout. People cheer for your team. A ball bounces, a whistle sounds... both trainers and players need to communicate and receive any instructions clearly.


Noise insulation for new constructions or renovations

 When designing a new construction or renovating an existing building, taking noise insulation into
account is a key element.

  • Australian Plaster Acoustics offer acoustic tiles and panels for increased noise insulation, manufactured with fibreglass or mineral wool for excellent properties.
  • Improve the noise insulation of an existing room using an Australian Plaster Acoustics easy-to- install acoustic treatment.
  • Australian Plaster Acoustics are made locally from natural gypsum, and of the highest quality.

Look at some of our projects. While each one is different, our product's versatility ensures that we meet every client's challenge with an optimal solution.

Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or masterplanning stage. The sooner an acoustic engineer is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.


Protect Your Health with Noise Insulation in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney


Noise is injurious to your health. You may already have suspected this, but now more and more studies are confirming it; the evidence is growing. Noise in an industrial workspace has become such a problem that hearing protection is indispensable. However, office workers aren't spared, because background office noise too can have a negative impact on their performance and efficiency. A study at the Germany Mainz University Medical Centre even claims that noise can influence your heart rhythm. In the 21st century, it has become an ever-growing nuisance, which becomes increasingly difficult to block out.

Luckily you can take measures to limit noise. If your office is too noisy, you can ask your colleagues to take their private telephone calls elsewhere, or you can switch off specific machines if they don't necessarily need to be functioning all day long. Exchange your noisy keyboard for a quieter one. Place plants in your office. Their effect may be minimal, but they have the added benefit of cleaning the air.

For advice on Noise Insulation in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, Australian Plaster Acoustics can help

Have you taken all the measures you can do by yourself, but you want to reduce noise levels even more? Contact Australian Plaster Acoustics for advice on noise insulation in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney. Sound isn't a simple matter to understand, but we'll explain the basics to you clearly so that you know what to do. You will want to take different actions depending on whether you are confronted with airborne sound, impact noise, or both. You'll find a lot of information from us if you want an introduction to the subject, but we're always happy to supply you with more detailed information.

Our family-owned business is part of the Bailey Interiors group, so our experience in this field is extensive. While Australian Plaster Acoustics was launched only in 2016, we have already become the global leader in acoustic tiles and panels. You will find our products in schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, in industrial plants, but also in many homes.

Blessed peace and quiet

The correct installation of acoustic walls, ceilings, and floors built with our products can make a significant contribution to noise insulation in your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane home or working environment. Not only do our products offer acoustic improvement, but they look aesthetic as well. In large spaces, perforated tiles can supply a contrasting and even playful effect.

Plaster, which is produced by heating gypsum, is an affordable product too. Different methods exist to excavate gypsum, and most of these are relatively uncomplicated. Yet, obtaining gypsum from flue-gas desulfurization at coal-fired plants is by far the eco-friendliest process. This gypsum has the same qualities and characteristics as natural gypsum.

Plasterboards and tiles from Australian Plaster Acoustics for noise insulation in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne also offer excellent fire protection. They are an easy to handle material, and the installation goes swiftly. Consider this highly versatile material next time you are annoyed by airborne or impact sound. It will make a remarkable difference.


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