LDS Church Lami, Fiji Sydney

Product Description

Random Screw Up is a durable, easily installed, lightweight plaster acoustic tile installed at LDS Church Lami.
This tile is insulated with a 20mm thick sound absorbent batt, offering excellent noise reduction properties.


1. Dimensionally stable will not warp or buckle
2. Not affected by humidity
3. Fire resistant Group 1 rating
4. Acoustic properties

To be used in conjuction with concealed ceiling grid: Rondo Furring Channel No 155 system.

Product Specifications

Tile Name: Random Hole Screw Up

Collection: Lightweight

Thickness (mm): 30

Size(mm): 600 x 600

CAC: 37/42¹ 39/43²

R Value: 0.80

NRC: 0.70¹ 0.65²

% light reflective: 0.76

Mass (Kg/sqm):12.50

Edge Finish: V-Edged

Fixing: Concealed

Fiberglass insulation batt – 32Kg/cu.m, 20mm thick Glasswool/Polyester
¹Glasswool ²Polyester – further test pending

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