quiet_sound Quiet Sound acoustic wall and ceiling tiles for school, educational and commercial applications

Quiet Sound Acoustics

Quiet Sound acoustics is the new generation of plaster acoustic tiles specifically designed for educational organisations such as schools, universities and colleges. Our acoustic tiles and panels are also used commercially in restaurants, office blocks and public places. Since July 2016, our new Quiet Sound acoustics has been successfully implemented in many education facilities throughout Australia. Please take the time to view our our portfolio or click below for some hignlights .

The range of Quiet Sound Acoustics covers:

  1. Lightweight plaster acoustic ceiling tiles for an exposed grid ceiling. Five dynamic and unique designs which have exceptional NRC & CAC properties.
  2. Plaster Acoustic ceiling tiles for concealed direct fixing. Two exceptional designs for a V-edged finish giving extremely high NRC and CAC properties
  3. Craftstone collection Plaster acoustic tiles. Six unique designs that have high acoustic performance made in modules to suit 600 X600 exposed grid
  4. New York collection Plaster glass Panels. Three subtle designs with either round or square perforations, or a very stylish slotted design, panels are made in 1200 X1200  modules, which enables high acoustic performance.

These new dynamic  designs are only possible with the use of natural Gypsum ,silicon rubber moulds and absorbent acoustic insulation 32 Kg M3 either glass wool or polyester.

The Light weight acoustic ceiling tiles all obtain high acoustic ratings .70 .80 NRC and sound transmission between 34-39 C A C .

These unique designs are much lighter than the traditional plaster tiles and as a consequence they can be installed into a light weight exposed ceiling grid such as the Rondo duo system. These tiles are easily installed.

How is this possible ?

The Quiet Sound range of acoustic tiles and panels was developed involving major research & Development. This research highlighted the substantial relationship between acoustic performance and the physical weight of the tiles.

Both the Craftstone and New York collection have an acoustic lining, attached to the back of the product to allow for high absorption without the use of heavy amounts of thick insulation. In most instances these products can achieve an NRC rating of at least .70

All these tiles and panels have been tested with local institutions including Universities such as RMIT and CSIRO. The results of these tests show substantially high acoustic and CAC for all products. All these tests are freely available and can be viewed from our Web Site under the specific product descriptions.

The key distinction with our products is that they are Australian made. As a fully Australian owned and operated company, we are proud to support many local Australian workers.

By choosing Australian Plaster Acoustics you're not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting the best quality product available.

Since the official release of these products in June 2016, Australian Plaster Acoustics has completed many Schools and Universities in Darwin. Darwin University, Darwin High School, Dripstone public School and Palmerston special education facility, have had glowing reports about their acoustic performance - having durability and unique designs that only gypsum plaster can achieve. The fact that they are all Australian has also made the difference.

When thinking of acoustic treatment for ceilings do not go past Australian Plaster Acoustics,
our company has the edge with it's commitment to research, development and innovation.

All our products are made in Australia in our factory at Mortdale, NSW.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our quality is guaranteed.

Be assured that you are supporting a local business if you choose our products